Shiazo Club

Our startup currently can't afford expensive marketing campaigns, and here YOU get into the game! We appreciate any kind of support. Join our club, tell your friends about Shiazo and help us to be on everyone's lips!

Who has already had steam-stones in their shisha? Your female friends want to buy a shisha as well? They will definitely love Shiazo! Do you have a blog or a website? Write about Shiazo! You can easily embed our banner. You have a free wall in your room? Order a stylish poster or distribute flyers in your neighbourhood! The shisha shop around the corner does not sell Shiazo steam-stones yet? You can change this as you have the best and most direct connection to your local vendors. Just talk to the owner and to us and we will arrange everything. Take also part in our exciting competitions and thrilling raffles.

You can be a part of this, don't miss your chance!