News from Shiazo

New flavours coming soon!

This summer we will introduce several new flavours to our portfolio. The first new flavour will be Apple Pie followed by Acapulco, Grape-Mint, Ice Shock, Lemon-Mint, Long Island Ice Tea and Red Star. Stay tuned for the release dates!
Written from Chunga on 28/07/2012

New containers with a new label design are coming

We have decided to renew the design of our Shiazo containers to make them finally fit our corporate design. The new containers will be introduced and shipped out soon.
Written from Chunga on 21/06/2012

Shiazo now with PIM technology

To produce the flavoured Shiazo Shisha-Steam-Stones the PIM (Pressure Injection Method) is applied: under pressure the flavoured liquid is injected into the pores. So even the finest and deepest pores are impregnated with the optimal amount of liquid, which leads to a better quality compared to self-moistened Shiazo!
Written from Chunga on 11/01/2011

Shiazo is starting into the shisha winter!

From now on Shiazo is completely ready. A special liquid for Shiazo without sugar has been produced, ready to go! For the beginning we will have 10 flavours, but up to 20 are coming in the near future!
Written from Chunga on 12/11/2010