Shiazo Shiazo Shiazo

Shiazo redefines the shisha

Shiazo is more than just a world novelty for shisha - it's its future! With the original shisha steam-stones it is possible to enjoy your shisha without tobacco and its side effects like nicotine or tar, but with the full taste experience and thick steam clouds. With the new patented PIM (pressure injection method) technology we finally accomplished to make Shiazo as flavourful as regular shisha tobacco.


Shiazo is available in three different units. The smallest unit with its 100g is reasonably priced with a RRP of just EUR 5.90. That makes Shiazo not only more healthy than regular tobacco, but also amazingly reasonable.

Click here to find out why using Shiazo is not smoking!

What our customers say

Thank you! You have helped me a lot to quit smoking tobacco!

– Hatori H.

I was doubtful first, but when I tried Shiazo for the first time, I couldn't taste or feel a difference to tobacco! Just as good as the real stuff!

– Ramin P.

The amazingly tasty, long-lasting flavors and the cheaper price of Shiazo made me stop using regular shisha! Thank you guys!

– Anthony G.

This is hands down the best new product I have tried in ages. Other herbal alternatives can't compete with this!

– Robert H.

Shiazo has saved my shisha lounge after the smoking ban! I would have had to close my business if it wasn't for Shiazo! Thanks guys, keep the good work going!

– Ramy N.